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Wild Flavours: Part 4

Wild Flavours: Part 4 

This is the fourth and final blog post covering our Wild Flavours, if you haven't already read Part 1, 2 and 3, hit the buttons below!

I hope you have enjoyed reading them and learned something new about our wonderful beers. We're finishing off today with the Seasons; brews that can only be made at certain times of year due to the seasonal availability of the ingredients used!

The Seasons



This chestnut brown ale is bittersweet, offering nutty, bitter and caramel flavours, you'd be nuts not to love it! 4.2% ABV, made with challenger and goldings hops.



Our blackberry stout hands out malt, dark chocolate and blackberry flavours, your senses will feel ace. I’m no joker, but this is the king of fruity stouts. Black in colour, 4.5% ABV and made with Bramling Cross hops. 


Our spectacular Elderflower saison, with spicy orange and floral notes. Straw coloured and 4%ABV. Made with Hallertau and First Gold hops. 




PINK BEER?! This one should be ready very soon, our Raspberry wheat beer. Expect tarty, fruity flavours from this one, with a pink tinge to it. 4.5% ABV crafted with Northern Brewer and Saaz hops.

(P.S. This one is now available to buy!!)


We’ve done several variations of this special one, including barrel-ageing (read about it HERE). The medlar is usually pale/golden in colour, and expect fruity notes, with a hint of cider and whiskey. ABV varies for each brew, usually between 6-9%, carefully created using Bramling Cross hops.


WILD WINTER (formerly Spice) 

One for the festive season, this is a spiced dark ale, rich and well-seasoned like your favourite Christmas pudding. Brewed with cardamom, ginger and nutmeg. Deep brown in colour and 5% ABV. Hops used - centennial.   


Are you feeling brave? Wild Sting is nettle beer, amber in colour and 5% ABV. Holding the grassy flavours from the nettles, but sweet citrus notes from the Centennial and Cascade hops.

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