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Wild Flavours - PART 3

Wild Flavours

Part 3 

Over the last few weeks our blog has covered a breakdown of all of the brews Wildcraft has created over the past six years. We hope you are enjoying reading them and have learned something new, and maybe even found your new favourite? Or at least some you'd like to try?

If you haven't already read Part 1 and 2, hit the buttons below!

We previously covered the Classics and the Fusions, today we're going in with the Premiums! Next week will be the last of the Wild Flavours, and it will contain our Season brews. 


The Premiums


Coffee IPA, I hear you ask? Surprisingly to most this is pale in colour but the espresso overtones will excite your taste buds. Mike calls this one a ‘breakfast beer’ and who are we to disagree? Made with Cameroon Boyo Coffee in collaboration with Freshpak Allowed to condition for 2 weeks on crushed Cameroon Boyo beans. 5% ABV and carefully crafted using centennial, azacca and citra hops.


Black in colour, our imperial stout will have you feeling like a wild one at 8% ABV, it is rich, indulgent and smooth. Hops used - bramling cross.


Our only lager! A lovely 4.5% ABV this vienna recipe forms a pale, straw coloured lager, tasting toasty, biscuity and malty. This takes much longer to ferment than the typical ale and tends to be done during the winter months as it needs to be kept at 4C for 6-8 weeks. Made with Polish Tradition Hops.


Our beautifully original, golden dry hop IPA. Let this one take you for a ride, on citrus, grapefruit and spice, sitting at 5% ABV. Hops used - centennial, citra, cascade.


We've been extra busy over the last few weeks, preparing for an event that took place this weekend (9th-12th). I'll be updating you all ASAP! 

Now we're back, we can draw our focus back to other brewery shenanigans. There's lots of good stuff festering here - WATCH THIS SPACE!!


If you are reading this, we want you to know how grateful you are for your support. Whether you are a regular customer, or order once in a while, maybe you're just here for the reading content? Either way, we are INCREDIBLY grateful for all of the support our business receives.  

The Wildcraft Team xx

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