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What The Medlar?!

Our barrel-aged wild medlar Experi-mental brews are almost ready!


We are so excited to be getting closer to the launch of some new and extremely limited brews. We re-present to you our Wild Medlar, in three unique and intriguing flavours.

What The Medlar?!

The Mespilus Germanica, commonly known as the medlar fruit is a fruit that falls within the rose family Rosaceae. The plant is naitive to Southwest Asia and Southeast Europe, and they are a late fruiter, and usually ready to harvest in October to November time depending on desired use. Once ripe the fruits remain hard and acidic, but once softened the mineral content changes, increasing sugar content, making it an exciting ingredient for many recipes or even eaten raw. Though, here at Wildcraft we believe we have found the best use for it - Making unique, fantastic, flavoursome beer!!! 

 The apple and plum-like flavours that this fruit offers us makes it such an exciting base to use for our experimental brewing - each batch of beer created using medlars will always be different from the last, and the alcohol volume in each brew is different too. On top of that, we used the natural yeast from the medlar fruit itself to ferment this brew - this can create a sour beer which is guaranteed to be unique in flavour.  

 Our experi-mental head brewer, Mike, decided he wanted to age a 2020 brew of the Wild Medlar in three different wooden barrels for twelve months to see what would happen, and we now have three fantastically rare, limited editions of our Medlar for you to try and choose from. The end result is ‘quite amazing’, to have divided one brew into three batches and created three completely different beers, ranging from an impressive 8.7% all the way up to 11.8%.  

 Wildcraft Brewery presents to you,  

Wild Medlar Whisky Barrel 9.6% Vol 

Wild Medlar Port Barrel 11.8% Vol  

Wild Medlar Bourbon Barrel 8.7% Vol





Barrel-aged beer is not overly common due to the time it takes to create and the costs involved - however the finished product is something rather special. The barrel-ageing process involves storing our beer in oak-barrels that were previously used to store other alcohols. The flavour remains from the alcohol that was previously there, infused over a year to create a variety of effects and flavours. The oak itself is crucial in obtaining the warm, toastiness of the vanilla and wood flavours. We only have 300 bottles of each batch, all bottled by hand, hand waxed and labelled right here at the brewery, ready for you to try.   


We are so close to the long-awaited launch of these extra-special beers - on the 23rd April 2022 we invite you, your pals, your family, your colleagues to join us. We are hosting a one-day tasting event right here at the brewery (does it get any more authentic than that?!) So come along, try our Medlars, have a pint in the sun (hopefully) and meet Mike, our head brewer to ask any questions you may have or learn how you can become involved in our next experi-mental!

For more information about the event please follow the link below

Medlar Tasting Event

 Lastly, we cannot forget to thank Jane Steward at Eastgate Larder for obtaining and providing our Medlar fruits for us. This helps us as a business to maintain our ethos of keeping our environmental impact small, foraging locally and supporting our local community.

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