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Lockdown 3.0 - Our plans

January and february are always strange times in the world of beer. Pubs don't order as much, people go dry for January and its always impossible to know what and when to brew with a product that has a short lifespan. With this being our 4th new year, we thought we knew just about what to expect but would you believe it, we have been hit with another lockdown...

Last night, after the announcement was made, we sat out the anxious wait for guidance to become available.  As bed time reading goes, it wasn't the most gripping but we now believe we know what we can and can't do. So here are our plans:

Drive Through We will continue to run our drive through throughout the next 2 months with beer starting, as always at £2.50 a pint. We are going to try to keep at least 5 varieties available at any one time but this may need to change depending on how many people use the service. You will continue to be able to pick up and pay contactless for all bottles and polypins.

Times: Mon -Sat 9am - 5pm (ring if you need to pick up after this point, we can often arrange a later time)

Delivery - We will continue to offer our UK wide delivery service and free local deliveries.


We are about to change our courier providers. For many of you that had multiple problems with our previous courier partners, this will come as very good news indeed!! Please do update us as we roll things out to let us know how our new partners, DPD get on. 

We are VERY pleased to say that we have also got a new packaging partner as part of this. Using 100% recyled componants, they fit really well with our ethos and the packaging holds the bottles so well, we really hope for less damages. 

These improvements do come with an associated cost, however, we will continue to share postage costs when your order is between £30 and £50, keeping them at £3.50.  Orders over £50 will always be free delivery.

Events - We are planning to revive our pop up pub events from May and these will run through until the end of September. These will include bi weekly music or comedy and we will also put some special events on during the summer months.  We look forward to seeing you again once the sun comes out!!!

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