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Mixed Ale Pack - Buy 3,6 or 12

Regular price £10.00


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A selection of ales

This pack includes beers from across the range, including some of our seasonals. It will include all styles of beers. If you prefer only pale ales, Click here

This month, your 12 pack will include: (3 packs are top 3 and 6 packs, top 6)

  • WildCat- 500ml Bottle
  • Wild Bill- 500ml Bottle
  • Wild Wood- 440ml Can
  • Wild Summer- 500ml Bottle
  • Wild Eye- 500ml Bottle
  • Wild Un-Bongo- 440ml Can
  • Wild Caribbean- 440ml Can
  • Wild Stallion - 500ml Bottle
  • Wild 'N Nutty- 440ml Can
  • Wild Espresso- 440ml Can
  • Wild Card- 440ml Can
  • Wild Awake- 500ml Bottle

Need any help or information? Call us on 01603 278054 or email us at!

Remember, all our beers are gluten free and vegan friendly!


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