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Hazy beers... To fine or not to fine

Since our conception in 2016, we have always produced unfined beers. In a market that has not always been open to haze some thought this was madness but we persevered. We had made a promise to some vegan friends, back when we first started producing, that would make beers that they could drink. Our mission since then, has been to improve the clarity of the vegan beers we are producing.

The concept of fining a beer is a simple one.  An additive, most often Isinglass, is added to the beer.  This clumps together the haze forming protein particles and makes them heavy so they sink to the bottom of the cask and stay there when the beer is dispensed. The slightly weirder thing is that isinglass is made from a fish swim bladder, who discovered that a fish bladder would clear beer and how is a question I constantly have in my mind.

Thankfully, through new investment in systems within the brewery, experimentation with a vegan fining called Brausol and a lot of hard work, we have recently been able to produce far clearer beers that are still vegan.  Many of our beers are now also Gluten Free, but more on that in the future.

Want to know more?  Get in touch.  We are always happy to talk about the methods we use or have you visit the brewery. 
Run a pub and want your staff to get a better understanding of the beer they serve, why not send them on a brew day with us? Contact Mike on 07584 308850.

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