Raspberry Vodka

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Raspberry aromas hit you and the superior flavour packs a punch!

Foraging for Raspberrys isn’t easy, so this vodka combines foraged wild raspberrys with locally grown and allotment grown fruits. We have a unique relationship with local fruit farmers and when the season is nearly over and fruit is about to go to waste, our partners allow us to forage their land to ensure the least food waste possible. Adding to that, we have a team of people that grow fruit for us in their gardens and on their allotments, meaning we get the best flavours possible.

This has resulted in a product that blows your senses from the moment the bottle is opened. Raspberry aromas immediately hit you and the flavour is, we believe superior to any other product currently available. These Raspberrys pack a punch!

This drink is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the quality and flavours through care and passion.

Great enjoyed on its own or as a cocktail or mixer.

Cocktail ideas and recipes coming soon...

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