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Meet the Team

At Wildcraft our team is made up of makers, doers and followers in all shapes and sizes...

Mike deal

Director, Head Brewer

Mike is the only full time, paid member of the team and as such, is the one you will see around the most. His love of hiding in bushes and foraging tasty treats while doing so, shaped his early brewing days and is why a lot of the Wildcraft Ales have hedgerow ingredients as elements in the recipes.

Mark Goodman

Director, Head Brawn

Mark has been part of Wildcraft since its inception and although he still works full time can be found in the brewery on many evenings and weekends. Although not apparent from the picture, Mark is the muscle at Wildcraft and often has to appear to help when a full fermenter gets stuck on the grating or casks needs moving from conditioning to the fridge.

Glenn Williamson

Maker of all things good

Glenn was one of the original investors in the brewery but has been much more than that, creating and building all sorts of things to help the brewery grow and the brewers lives easier .  Straight talking and practically minded, he can step between Mike and Mark very quickly to sort them out and send them in the right direction, building and creating new things to make the brewery work more efficiently.

Dan the Man

The Norfolk Hub

The Norfolk Hub ensure that Wildcraft sales and distribution happens in an organised and efficient way, covering Norfolk and ensuring our products reach your local at the peak of their condition.

Paul Webster

Beer Loving Volunteer

Paul is a volunteer who gives of his time for the love of beer and all things beer related. Due to his ability to be free during the day, he often get stuck with the laborious jobs of bottling, labeling or just things that need to be caught up on. Being ex military, everything is done with absolute precision and a heavy dose of sarcasm.

And You!

The Foragers and Followers

There are many ways to get involved with Wildcraft Brewery. Whether you are an outdoors person who loves foraging (and could take the brewery dog for a walk!), a keen home brewer to help in the brewery, or a whizz online to interact with our virtual community. Wildcraft needs YOU! (Love of beer a necessity.)


The face of Wildcraft, Head Forager

Brewbacca or ‘Brewy’ for short is the face of Wildcraft and appears in many different guises on all of our products.  Whether he is dressed up in Wild West outfits, drag or standing just in his pink and green fur, Brewy goes into the hedgerows and swaps what he finds for beer from the brewery.

So busy being a star in his own TV commercials across social media, its rare to spot him in the countryside but if you do, make him and offering of berries or treats and he will soon be your friend!

The Brew...Bacca Story

Known to most only as a story passed down from generation to generation. The Brewbacca was known as a fearsome beast, feared by ramblers and loathed by farmers who blamed missing sheep to this pink, fluffy but large toothed being.

No sightings had been recorded since a hazy photo in 1933, claimed to have captured the beast bathing in the waters of Buxton Mill. The photo was destroyed in a house fire just days after being taken, which just added to the fear and myths surrounding this mystical beast.

It was only after we had set up the brewery on land once revered as his stomping ground that we started to notice strange things… leaves, shoots and berries were left at the door every morning and beers were going strangely missing. We started to experiment by leaving new beers, made with ingredients from the daily offerings at the door each evening and the offerings began to increase.

After months of offerings, the beast finally showed itself and became tamer as each day progressed. It is now an integral part of Wildcraft Brewery and appears not only on our videos but our bottles, tshirts and glasses. Brewbacca is still not sure of new people, but who knows, visit and you may catch sight of his pink fur running through the fields around, foraging for the latest in season crops we can use in our beers…

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