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Wildcraft needs YOU!

To help us forage for ingredients

Foraging for ingredients is at the heart of our business but we can’t do it all ourselves. This is where you, our community come in… There are 2 ways to get involved, in our guided foraging walks OR by picking the ingredients we use and bringing them to the brewery to swap for beer!!!
If you would like to forage things for us, we have certain rules you MUST follow:
    1. Only forage on land you have permission
    2. Take a photo on your phone with location setting on so we can pinpoint where you have picked from (you will need to give us this information when you give us your pickings.
    3. If on farmland or verges, make sure they have not been sprayed recently by talking to the farmer or local authority
    4. If you can’t get to us the same day, freeze any fruits you have picked. Leaves need to be brought to us same day. Hops should be hung to dry, they will go mouldy if left in a pile
    5. Only pick a maximum of 30% of what is available in one area. The leaves and fruits are there to feed the wildlife as well as us, leave some for them!

    Throughout the year we look for:

    Stinging nettles, Elderflower, Raspberries, Cherries, Strawberries, Blackcurrants, Plums, Blackberries, Sloes, Hops

    And more…

    The going swap rate....

    The swap rate will change depending on the amount of a foraged plant that is available in the given year.  Weather conditions often affect crops so the harder it is to get in that year, the more beer we will swap!!!

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