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Environmental Impact

One of the main parts of our ethos is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes:

Energy - we purchase green energy but who knows what that actually means so we also make sure energy gets used in various areas to cut down on the amount used, for example, the hot water from our heat transfer being fed into the HLT for use later.

Bottle returns - Return your bottles of reuse or recycling and get 10p off your next purchase for every bottle, we know, its old fashioned but we like it. As long as bottles are cleaned when returned, we can sterilise and refill, it also saves a label if in good enough condition.

Re-use of all packaging coming into the brewery - We were shocked at how much packaging is used on products coming into the brewery. We now make sure we re-use 90% of this in our own mail order packages. This includes boxes, plastic packaging and foam/polystyrene.

KeyKeg - Keykegs are one use kegs, brilliant for shipping out to further flung places but not so great for the environment. We have signed up to  scheme that allows you to send them off and have all parts reused.

Shives/Keystones - These are the bits that go in the cask and that help it keep condition and with dispense but they are often one use. Where possible (and we admit often its not) we reuse these after a full clean and sterilise.The good thing is we now do a lot of our own events so we can easily protect these parts to use again.

If you have any questions, get in touch, we are continually trying to increase what we do to protect the environment.




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