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Wild Eye PA Fruit Cake Recipe

500 g soft margarine 
500 g light brown sugar
6 free range eggs 
500 g self raising flour
1 Bottle of Wildcraft 'Wild Eye PA' 
500 g soaked raisins
100 g dried cranberrys or other dried fruit
100 g glace cherries
2 tea spoons of mixed spice 
Soak the soft fruit (raisins and cranberrys ) over night, covering the fruit with nearly a full bottle of Wild Eye PA. (good to have a quick taste )
Pour off the left over juice to use in something else another time: (nice to use for making a crumble, adding the apples to the left over beer !!)
Beat sugar and margarine together, add the eggs and flour, then mix in the fruit and cherries makeing sure to drain off the soft fruit as you don't want to make the mix to wet
Pour mix into 2 cake tins and cook on about 160oC until cooked in the middle
Leave to cool 
Make up a butter cream for the frosting:
Double the amount of icing sugar to soft butter, whisk to make it light and then add in stem ginger to taste 
Put the cakes together to make a sandwich with butter cream in the betwen and cover with the butter cream frosting. Eat with a nice bottle of Wild Eye PA....

Mark Thompson chefs for AG Meale & Son / Veras coffee shop in Stalham, Norfolk. You can follow him on Twitter by searching @cheffybloke76. Vera's Coffee Shop serves breakfast, light bites, lunch, afternoon tea, cakes and savouries and is open 7 days a week.


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