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Tour of the NEW BREWERY

Brewery tour...

We wanted to show you all how far we have come with the new brewery, but unfortunately we can't invite you here just yet.

I've put together the blog below with some detailed photo's of where we're up to.. I hope it gives you an insight to what we're doing! 

I'm so proud of what has been achieved so far, and incredibly excited to share and celebrate Wildcraft's success with you all...

Massive thanks to Norfolk County Council, who helped us acheive a 'DRIVE' grant from the European Regional Development Fund which has enabled this dream to become a reality.

Our main entrance..

Image 1 and 3 show the front doors to our new brewery, where we cannot wait to welcome you all in! 

It's all very much a work in progress for the meantime, but we will be getting some signs up as soon as possible.

Image 2 is the view from out the front, where there is a beautiful duck pond and behind is fields growing barley for us to brew with! 

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The taproom...

This is the first room you walk into upon entering the brewery - The Taproom. 

It doesn't look much like a taproom at the moment but we are hoping to have a fully-stocked bar with all the trimmings.

Once finished, we will have taps behind the bar as well as bag-in-boxes available for cask beer. 

The seating area will have a TV for those football fans, tables, chairs, bar stools, maybe some games too? 

We're not ready to have members of the public here yet, but we can't wait to welcome you to enjoy many drinks and good times here. 

       The Office..


Our new office space where you'll likely find Luke, Lloyd and Amber

...and we have a kitchen area too! 

The warehouse..

This is our wonderful new warehouse!

In here we have tonnes of storage for our grains and malt, as well as our boxes, event stock and equipment. 

We will also use this space to pack and prep orders for delivery and collection, and the space will make it much easier to receive deliveries too.

And finally, where all the magic happens...


The size of this room is actually quite overwhelming - it's absolutely huge! In here is where all the magic happens, and you'll often find Mike, Ben and Stan working away in here getting the beers brewed. We have all-new equipment in here meaning we can brew up to 2000 litres in a day, though we also have to consider the time it takes to clean all this equipment too!

Ways to get your beer...

We are now finally able to offer click and collect from the new location, but we do ask that you don't turn up without ordering first!

 - Order online for home delivery

- Call up and order for home delivery

 - Click and collect (from our new location at Worstead Farms, Holly House, Smallburgh, Norwich NR12 9NB)

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