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SUSTAINABILITY - The Future of the Business and the Planet..

Our beer doesn't cost the earth...

We here at Wildcraft feel that it is our responsibility to ensure we are doing ALL we can to improve sustainability, and to support and actually exceed the government's goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050. This doesn't just mean we use our recycling bin and car share (though we do always do these!), but we are taking HUGE steps as a business to go above and beyond, working towards a sustainable future. 

What is Net Zero? 

Net zero is a term that means to reduce your carbon footprint, with the goal of being able to reach zero. For some businesses this is easier than others, but it is not impossible for anyone. It may mean to stop certain activities, or change the way they are done so that some are carbon negative - finding a balance so that the emissions are as close to zero as possible. 

And that's different to Carbon Neutral? 

YES… Carbon neutral doesn’t necessarily mean that we produce no carbon at all, it just means that (as a human race) we produce so little that our environmental efforts are enough to mean that no MORE carbon is produced than what our planet can sustain. It may be impossible to reach next zero with existing technology, so we may have a few carbon emissions we cannot get to zero. We can however neutralise them through buying carbon credits through another verified project that is new and captures carbon now that has never been captured before; having a positive impact on the planet and can genuinely neutralise residual carbon emissions for now at least.

What is wildcraft doing to work towards sustainability?

These are the government's sustainable development goals; A collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all" set out by the United Nations.

And here are some of the things we do to achieve this:

No poverty, zero hunger, and quality education -Whilst we are limited to what we can do about global poverty, three of our employees were recruited through the government's Kickstart scheme - a scheme to assist young people who are on universal credit find suitable, paid employment.  Three of our employees are also on apprenticeship schemes - meaning they are gaining valuable qualifications whilst earning to ensure better employment opportunities and job security for their future. 

Good health and wellbeing - We promote an open conversation policy within the workplace - and actually as a business. We have a healthy, safe working environment where we are cared for and looked after. We have also done a Brew in collaboration in support of the N&N, ensuring all profits are donated to support our local hero’s.  

Gender equality - All of our employees are offered equal opportunities and pay regardless of gender. 

Affordable and clean energy - As we move into our new premises, we are exploring options for being able to use solar and wind power for our business and we have a reedbed system for recycling our water agreed by the farm too. 

Decent work and economic growth - The work we carry out is safe, reasonably paid and enjoyable. All employees are offered career development opportunities and training courses alongside their regular employment. 

Life below water & Life on land - We have already worked closely with Worstead Farms to recycle our spent grains to be used for feed for their Wagyu Cattle herd. We are also looking at using the field to grow clover in between our barley crops, as this reduces carbon from our environment up to four times faster than tree-planting.

Partnerships for the goals - We work closely with several other businesses - including the land owners, our energy and ingredient suppliers, our business customers, our packagers and our delivery couriers - to ensure that each possible step taken from the raw ingredients to the bottle of beer in your fridge - has the smallest carbon impact as possible. 

The future for wildcraft

When Wildcraft Brewery first started up, we had big dreams of being a completely sustainable business by being able to use renewable power, recycle all our water through reedbed systems and use ingredients that are as local as possible 

Whilst we are always working hard towards achieving carbon neutrality and net zero - we have been limited to what we can do so far due to finances, space and resources available to us. However, with our move to Smallburgh everything is becoming possible. We do feel, as a young business that is just 5-6 years old, we are definitely doing the most we can to achieve our aims, and are always searching to reach a more sustainable future for the planet, and for everyone.  

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability goals, or any suggestions on how this can be improved, we’d love to hear from you.

“We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that. Surely we all have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us.” ― David Attenborough   

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  • 100% behind you and your team Mike. Looking forward to see you soon at your new premises. Cheers. Ian


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