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The Survival pack

Help us survive the crunch

2022 has not been a good year for breweries. With rising costs of living, the hospitality trade has taken a big hit and is therefore ordering less. This, coupled with rising energy costs, increase in grain prices, cleaning products, CO2 and just about everything else we use has meant that so far, 57 breweries have already closed their doors this year. For reference, please see:  

We are determined not to be the next to go! 

To ensure this, we know that the next 3 months are crucial. Most of those closing at the moment are quoting that Jan-Mar will not bring in enough revenue for them to survive. The harsh reality is that our industry only kicks off around Easter, with revenue down by around 60% in Jan and Feb and 50% in March.  If this happens to us in 2023, with the fixed costs we have, it may mean the end. I’m not trying to be dramatic, it’s the reality of the times we are in.  

 So, today we launch our survival plan. A plan that only works with you, our amazing customer base.   

 The plan is simple, a short term, 3 month subscription to our ‘survival box’. 12 beers a month for 3 months, January, February and March. Obviously, if you wanted to continue at the end of that time, we would very much appreciate it as well 😊.  The beer boxes will include 12 different beers each month, including some very special, one off, hand bottled and labelled experimental brews! (If you are already a subscriber, you will also get these as a thank you for your support!). 

If we don’t have 12 different beers to send you, we will source extra’s from our friends and in turn, help them survive this difficult time themselves. Please note, beers we source will all be gluten free as we know many of you subscribe to us for this reason!  

 For those of you that are trying to detox after Christmas, we can substitute 6 of the beers for no alcohol equivalents from our friends OR we can hold your January box and send with your February instalment so you can celebrate getting through a month with no alcohol in style. 

Selling 300 of these subscriptions would guarantee our safety up to the point where the industry hopefully kicks off again*. Can you join us and help us to reach this goal? The product page will be updated with how close we are to our goal each morning so you can follow our progress.  What’s more, if we hit the target and go above it, we will make sure everyone that has supported us through subscribing gets a special free gift in April.  

- We need all sorts of help to make this work.  Can you afford to subscribe? If so, we would very much appreciate your support  

- Would you mind spreading the word? Check out our FB, Instagram and Twittter and share with as many people as you can  

- Do you know a beer lover? Could you convince them to get involved?  

- Could this be a great Christmas present for someone you know? Subscribe on their behalf…  

 Whatever you can do, we appreciate you and thank you for your efforts, heres to getting through the hard times, we will be sure to have a pint with as many of you as we can on the other side!!!  

 *Not hitting the target doesn’t mean we will have to cease trading, it will just make things more difficult. 

Purchase the survival box here

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