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Price Of Beer - Explained

We do sometimes get asked questions around the pricing of our beers, and why some are more expensive than others or why we may make occasional price increases.  

We understand that with all the money talk that's been going on lately in the media, a lot of people are 

cutting back on ‘non-essential’ items and are watching the pennies.

Seeing as beer (especially ours) is very much an essential, we thought we’d do a blog explaining the price of beer and why it has to cost what it does! 

Let's Break It Down

We will always try to keep the prices of our products as low as possible, but we have to be reasonable about what this means as a business.

EVERYTHING ELSE - There's a lot that goes into running a small business like ours, some that cannot be accounted for. 

We account about 10% for ingredients, but the tools and appliances we use certainly aren't cheap either! We use equipment such as fermenters and coolers, brew kettles and other things that are essential for the brewing process, that are costly to buy, maintain and replace.  

We have to account for spills, losses and experiments, we have labour costs and wages for the time it takes to brew our beers, package your orders and     

maintain our website and social media, and other running costs such as water, rent and diesel too.

Yes, we could probably source our ingredients cheaper than we do, but we use ingredients that help maintain our ethos of being environmentally friendly and supporting local businesses. 

We also select our ingredients based on quality, not quantity - and we know that using high quality ingredients in our products makes a huge difference in taste, texture and overall experience - and this is important to us too.  

And not forgetting the inevitable; inflation, which we have to account for each year as prices go up for us too. 


We wanted to have a little fun this week, so I've been around the brewery and taken some really awful photos of all things beer related. Test your brewing knowledge and see how many you can identify! 

Email your answers to and the person with the CLOSEST guess will receive a voucher for 50% off your next beer order!!!

*** 50% off code applicable to Wildcraft Beers only! Can be used on our website, order over the phone for collection or walk ins. Competition will close on 5/6/22 and winner will be selected and contacted via the email address used to submit answers. 

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