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11 Hops Used in Wildcraft Beers

A Symphony of Hops

: Exploring the Flavor and Aroma Profiles of eleven Unique Varieties used in Wildcraft Beers

In the world of brewing, hops reign supreme as the botanical artisans responsible for crafting the intricate and diverse flavours and aromas found in our favourite beers. From tropical fruits to earthy spices, each hop variety brings its own distinct personality to the brew. In this blog, we embark on a journey through the hop fields, exploring the flavour and aroma profiles of eleven unique hop varieties that we use at Wildcraft: Azacca, Cascade, Challenger, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic, Saaz, Goldings, Fuggles, Olicana, and Jester. 


Flavour Profile: Azacca hops hail from the Yakima Valley in Washington, USA, and are celebrated for their bold tropical flavours. Expect a medley of mango, pineapple, papaya, and citrus notes that instantly transport your taste buds to a sunny tropical paradise. Azacca hops provide a pleasant sweetness that beautifully complements their fruity burst. Aroma Profile: 

The aroma of Azacca hops is an enticing bouquet of ripe tropical fruits, with dominant scents of mango and papaya. A whiff of Azacca can evoke images of lush fruit orchards and sunny shores. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Norfolk, Wild Caribbean, Wild un-Bongo 


Flavour Profile: Cascade hops, an American classic, deliver a bright, floral, and citrusy flavour. Hints of grapefruit, orange, and lemon shine through, creating a refreshing and zesty experience. Cascade hops are well-known for their versatility and are frequently used in a wide range of beer styles. 

Aroma Profile: The aroma of Cascade hops is a delightful symphony of floral notes intertwined with a burst of citrus, evoking images of blooming gardens and citrus groves. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Eye PA, Wild Ride, Wild Sting 


Flavour Profile: Challenger hops, an English variety, offer a rich and complex flavour profile. Biscuity and toasty malt notes blend harmoniously with herbal and earthy tones. Expect a gentle bitterness, making Challenger an excellent choice for traditional English ales.

Aroma Profile: The aroma of Challenger hops is characterised by a herbal and woody bouquet, with subtle earthy undertones that create a sense of rustic charm. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Summer, Wild Bill Hiccup, Wild Anchor 


Flavour Profile: Centennial hops, a beloved American variety, are all about balance. Their flavour is a harmonious blend of floral, citrus, and pine characteristics, with a slight herbal edge. Centennial hops add depth and nuance to a wide range of beer styles.

Aroma Profile: The aroma of Centennial hops exudes floral notes, along with a distinct citrus and piney essence, transporting you to a fragrant evergreen forest. Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Eye PA, Wild Norfolk, 

Wild Un-Bongo, Wild Anchor 


Flavour Profile: Citra hops have taken the brewing world by storm, becoming synonymous with juicy, hop-forward beers. Bursting with vibrant tropical fruit flavours like passion fruit, lime, and lychee, Citra hops bring an irresistible juiciness to any beer. Aroma Profile: 

The aroma of Citra hops is an explosion of tropical fruits, with strong citrus, lime, and grapefruit scents that instantly awaken your senses. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Un-Bongo, Wild Eye PA, Wild HopsterUn-Bongo


Flavour Profile: Mosaic hops are a mosaic of flavours, combining berry, tropical fruit, and stone fruit notes. Expect hints of blueberry, mango, peach, and even pine. Mosaic hops are renowned for their ability to create complex and layered flavours in beers. Aroma Profile: 

The aroma of Mosaic hops is a captivating blend of berry, citrus, and tropical fruit scents, inviting you to take a deep breath and immerse yourself in its aromatic symphony. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild one (Mosaic Edition) 


Flavour Profile: Saaz hops, a noble hop variety from the Czech Republic, are the quintessential choice for traditional European lagers and pilsners. They provide a delicate, herbal, and slightly spicy flavour that compliments the crispness of these beer styles. Aroma Profile: 

The aroma of Saaz hops is characterised by earthy and herbal tones, with a subtle spiciness that evokes images of idyllic European hop gardens. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Vienna, Wild Thing 


Flavour Profile: Goldings hops, an English heritage variety, offer a refined and delicate flavour. Subtle floral and earthy tones intertwine with a soft spiciness. Goldings hops are particularly favoured in English ales and cask-conditioned beers. Aroma Profile: 

The aroma of Goldings hops is elegant and floral, with earthy and herbal undertones that lend an air of timeless sophistication. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Summer, Wild Bill Hiccup 


Flavour Profile: Fuggles hops, another English heritage variety, provide a mellow and earthy flavour. Hints of wood, herbs, and mild bitterness make Fuggles a classic choice for traditional English beer styles. 

Aroma Profile: The aroma of Fuggles hops is rich in earthy and woody scents, accompanied by a subtle herbal and floral bouquet. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Stallion 


Flavour Profile: Olicana hops are a newer British variety known for their bold and punchy flavours. Expect a delightful blend of citrus, tropical fruits, and subtle spice. Olicana hops add a modern twist to a wide range of beer styles. 

 Aroma Profile: The aroma of Olicana hops is vibrant, exuding citrusy and tropical fruit scents, making it a compelling choice for modern hop-forward beers. 

 Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Hopster, Wild Anchor, Wild Un-Bongo


Flavour Profile: Jester hops, another recent British hop variety, offer a plethora of fruity flavours. Notes of stone fruits like peach and apricot blend with zesty citrus and a subtle herbal quality. Aroma Profile: 

The aroma of Jester hops is a tantalising mix of stone fruits and citrus, with a hint of herbal and resinous character. 

Wildcraft beers used in: Wild Anchor, Wild Un-Bongo

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