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Keyworker Giveaway

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You will have this link if someone has nominated you through our Facebook page. We were astounded by the amount of nominations we received for all the amazing key workers last week and felt bad we were only able to give away 10 packs of beer so we decided to try and give the rest of you, and people that have been key in peoples lives, a little something too!

You are able to claim 1 free 2 pint takeaway beer for collection only from our drive through at Wildcraft Brewery, just outside Buxton on the Coltishall Road, NR10 5JD.

Please note, put 'Wildcraft Brewery' into your sat nav, NOT the postcode as that takes you over half a mile away from where we are!

  • There are 3 beers to choose from which will be available for pick up between 9 and 5pm Weds 27th Jan to Sat 6th Feb.
  • We have just over 100 to give away, first come first serve.
  • Please note you MUST book a time slot for pickup and stick to this time. We have a small turning circle and cars will back up if too many come at once.

All you need to do now, is select the beer you want and book a time slot, discount will be given at checkout. Please select 'pickup' at checkout, we are not able to deliver this product, apologies!

We would ask, if you don't mind, that you share a picture of you enjoying your free beer on social media and share about us to your friends. Thank you!

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