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Its Wild on the dark side - Case

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Curently out of stock - Wild Wood - Pre order now for delivery wk beginning 7th December

This pack contains either 3 or 4 of our stouts, its your choice. The stouts are:

Wild Stallion - Our original stout, 5%, smooth lovelyness

Wild Card - Stout made with blackberries which give a subtle sweetness and bramble flavour adding complexity and body - 4.5% 

Wild Wood - Chocolate gateau stout - Flavours of chocolate and cherry combine to create this rich, indugeant beast. - 5.3%


Wild One - Our imperial stout at 9%. Like Darth Vader himself, this stout is dangerous. Drinking like a 4.5% beer, this rich, complex and quite frankly delightful stout can make you forget its strength and then the day, week... year? Handle with care!



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