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Food Deals

Product image 1Food Deals - Wildcraft Brewery
Product image 2Food Deals - Wildcraft Brewery
Product image 3Food Deals - Wildcraft Brewery
Product image 4Food Deals - Wildcraft Brewery
Product image 5Food Deals - Wildcraft Brewery
Product image 6Food Deals - Wildcraft Brewery

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Please find some great offers from some of our lovely partners, making great foods with our beers. All food is available with beer orders but please note, due to this being fresh produce, delivery can only be made in Norfolk, within the NDR, Buxton, Coltishall and North Walsham areas.

We are not charging a premium on any of these products so please ensure that you order this as part of your beer order.

Pickerings Sausage Shop:

3 great sausages (Packs of 8), 

The Sir Garnet: Using Wild Stallion Stout and Garlic - Currently sold out, awaiting new delivery.

The Norwich Sausage: Wild Norfolk and mustard

Wild Norfolk Sausage: Pork and Wild Norfolk Ale

Bunns Farm Meats:

2 Great Burgers (Packs of 5, 8oz burgers):

Wild Card Blackberry Stout burger

Wild Bill Hiccup Best Bitter Burger

1 Fantastic Pie:

Steak and Wild Bill Hiccup pie

You can order any of the above and Wildcraft beer to wash it all down by selecting your options on this page.


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