AM/PM Beer and Coffee Pack

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Coffee for the morning, Wild Espresso for the evening!

Wild Espresso, an IPA with a coffee kick that will blow your mind. Allowed to condition for 2 weeks on crushed Cameroon Boyo beans, the fruity IPA blends and with the smooth coffee aromas and flavour creating a beer with a kick!

This pack enables you to sample the great flavours of Cameroon Boyo for yourself. Aromatic, fruity with a mild acidity and a nutty finish, its great for that first hot drink of the day, setting you up for whats to come!

Wild Espresso  is made using Cameroon Boyo which imported and roasted in Suffolk by Freshpac Teas and Coffees. Dealing directly with family owned farms in Cameroon, their value chain approach, means that the farmers take time to care and grow the best quality coffee. They are rewarded for their hard work by being paid higher than the market rate, directly to their cooperative bank.

Need any help or information? Call us on 01603 278054 or email us at!

Remember, all our beers are gluten free and vegan friendly!

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