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Wild Moonshadow - 9 Gallon

Collaboration Mild brewed with Mark Cade. Was voted 2nd best Mild at the Norwich Beer Festival

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Wild Bill Hiccup - 9 Gallon

Award winning best bitter

6 in stock

Wild Eye - 9 Gallon

Session IPA, 3.8%

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D.I.P.A. - 9 Gallon

Double the hops, strong IPA, 6.5%

Out of stock

Wild Summer - 9 Gallon

A summery pale ale

6 in stock

Wild Awake - 9 Gallon

Complex, aromatic, golden IPA with the overtones of Rocko coffee beans

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Wild Spice - 9 Gallon

Christmas beer, oozing with cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and nutmeg.

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