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Our signature brew. Made with the best quality Norfolk grown Maris Otter and a special, double roasted crystal, this beer has body and character. The Goldings and Cascade hops add an earthy but spicy twist that intrigues the senses and leaves your palette wanting more…

Brewed at both 4.5% and 6% (Wild Bills Bigger Brother) this can be drunk as a session beer or on a special occasion.

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One of our speciality fruit beers. Keeping with our foraging ethos, this rich stout has hints of blackberries. Added for secondary fermentation, these locally picked fruits steep in the beer for just the right amount of time to extract enough flavour to add a hint of bramble but so much as to overpower.

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Every brewery needs a good IPA. Ours combines locally grown Maris Otter with Munich and wheat malts.

This is a heavily hopped ale with a mix of Centennial, Cascade and Crystal providing a bitter flavour topped off with a multitude of citrus and spicy aromas.

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A pale summer ale.

Our summer ale is heavy on the locally grown Maris Otter. This provides a light but beautifully malty flavour which, when combined with the Cascade and Golding hops bursts with citrus and fruity aromas and taste. An absolute must for a hot day although good whatever the weather, which is what we need in England!

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Raspberries in Ale?

This is one of our speciality fruit ales, featuring foraged ingredients.

The beer starts off as a light, wheat beer and is then put onto raspberries for secondary fermentation, sucking out every last bit of flavour from the raspberries. This leaves a raspberry rich, slightly sour ale, bursting with bubbles, tantalizing the taste buds.

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The darkest beer we do: A stout.

This stout is full of body and character, as you would expect from a stout. Having said that, it’s so smooth on the palette, you could have it as a session beer and not find it too heavy. The fuggles hops in this ale add to its earthy goodness and provide a light bittering that compliments the coffee, chocolate and barley hints.


Our cherry liqueur is made from foraged English cherries that are steeped in our spirit for a minimum or 6 months. We leave the stones in the cherries to impart a marzipan aroma and taste which is silky and smooth. Pre-order now:


Our spiced apple vodka is made from foraged English apples that are steeped in our spirit with a selection of spices. This gives a drink which is full of apple aroma and flavour. The spiced additions make a flavour reminiscent of an apple pie your gran used to make! Pre-order now:


Our Blackberry Vodka is dark, delicious and dangerous! Foraged blackberries are steeped until the very last bit of flavour is eked out, leaving an intense shot of bramble goodness. Whys it dangerous? At 40%, you should be able to taste the alcohol but in reality, its so delicious you are just left wanting more!


This is our spiced liqueur. Originally created for Christmas, this has become an all year round favourite, especially when mixed with lemonade for a refreshing thirst quencher! The peels of citrus fruits are boiled with spices to create a syrup that we add to our spirits, making a truely unique and complex spirit. Pre-order now: