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Polypins 10l (18 pint) - Wildcraft Brewery

Polypins 10l (18 pint)

Cask beer in 18 pint bag in box

Pump Clips.

Optional extra for pump clip to be included with your Bag In Box is available at £1.00.

Wild Craft Brewery


IPA 12 Pack - Wildcraft Brewery

IPA 12 Pack

A selection of IPA's. In stock

Wild Craft Brewery


Wild Caribbean - 4.3%

Wild Caribbean - 4.3%

Style: IPA

Flavours: Pineapple, Peach, Citrus

ABV: 4.2%

Availability: In Stock

Wild Craft Brewery


Wildcraft Can Collection

Wildcraft Can Collection

Be the first to get your hands on our beautiful new cans. This pack contains 2 of each of the following:

Wild Caribbean - Pineapple IPA

Wild Un-Bongo - Mango NEIPA

Wild Espresso - Coffee IPA

Wild Hopster - Double dry hopped IPA with Aazacca, Olicana, Citra and Jester

Wild Norfolk - Dry hopped IPA

Wild Wood - Black Forest Gateau Stout

These will be shipped once we have all stock ready, estimated to be week commencing 17th May.

Wildcraft Brewery


Tour Voucher - Physical - Wildcraft Brewery

Tour Voucher - Physical

This tour voucher admits one person to one of our tour and tasting events.  Make sure they get a lift... theres a loit of tasting to be done!

Wildcraft Brewery


Wild Sting - 5% - Wildcraft Brewery

Coming Soon

Wild Sting - 5%

Back when Sting was in the Police and Roxanne was released, hops still hadn't been invented.

It was in those medieval times that the other band members , who were also monks, had to find alternatives to bitter their ales. One of the many herbs and spices experimented with were nettles and they found them to be very good! We have taken these ancient techniques and combined them with some great aroma hops to make a unique but delicious brew.* *Please note that not all the above may be true Wild Sting is a ruby beer with rich malt tones. Bittered with stinging nettles and leaving the hops to add aroma, this is a unique but very tasty ale

Need any help or information? Call us on 01603 278054 or email us at!

Remember, all our beers are 500ml, bottle conditioned, gluten free and vegan friendly!


Seasonal Brew

Coming Soon

Wildcat - 4% - Wildcraft Brewery

Coming Soon

Wildcat - 4%

Style: Pale Ale

Flavours: Crisp, Orange, spice

ABV: 4%

Wildcraft Base Range

Coming Soon

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