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Try some of these lovely ciders from our friends at Norfolk Raider
Taunton Cider

Taunton Cider

Tauntons Cider-

 Medium 4.0% Gently carbonated to produce a clear, crisp, sparkling medium cider with a distinct apple nose and a soft astringency on the palate. 500ml per bottle.

Dry 4.0% Crafted to give a subtle hint of cider apple on the nose with a crisp, dry sensation followed by a lingering astringent aftertaste.

Vintage 6.0% A full bodied, traditional vintage Somerset cider made from a single year’s harvest. Matured to give a smooth palate and an astringent aftertaste, typical of the cider apples selected. 500ml per bottle.

Taunton Gold Medium 5.5% Crafted using Somerset Bittersweet Apples. High in tannins together with a hint of acidity to give an astringent, full bodied cider. A proper thirst quenching and refreshing cider. 500ml per bottle.

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