This update is the first that we have put onto as we try to improve the website and make sure there is more content for you. Keep checking back as we evolve as a brewery and as our website evolves with us.

Friday, for me, was my last day as a teacher. There were mixed emotions as I walked through the doors for the last time but I knew it was the right thing to do.  I would go into the reasons but that would make this update email far too long!

So, here I am, full time director and head brewer at Wildcraft Brewery. Its been a busy first few days, foraging, getting paperwork and licences in place, accepting delivery of equipment and working out how we can push things forward. Mark is still working full time but is now spending every other moment at the barn making sure we have everything set up correctly.

The kettle and Mash Tun

One of the biggest things we are having to do at the moment is forage. Our ethos is to use as much foraged and locally grown fruit as we possibly can so Mark and i have spent many hours up trees, in bushes and unfortunately, in many patches of stinging nettles! So far, we have managed to get cherries, tayberries, raspberries and blackcurrents but we need many many more!

If you have any fruit growing in your garden that you are not going to use, PLEASE please get in touch. In return, we will give you a brewery voucher worth £2 for every kilo of picked fruit you donate or £1.50 if we pick it ourselves. You will also become one of our recognised small growers and will appear on our website as such.


Once we get the equipment up and running we will send out another update, until then, join us on facebook ( or twitter (@wildcraftbrews) for a more frequent view into the evolution of Wildcraft!