2017 has arrived, Happy New year!

One of my new years resolutions is to update our news on a more regular basis, so I thought where better to start than today? 2016 was a very difficult but exciting year for us at Wildcraft. As many of you know, its just the two of us, myself and Mark, and unfortunately, due to some very difficult circumstances, Mark has been unable to be around for much of the time. This has frustrated him, as I know he would have loved to be as immersed in the business as myself but we set the company up as one that would be people and family centered and that is exactly what Mark is, and has had to be. In terms of a business partner and friend, he really is someone that has been an inspiration. I look forward to seeing more of him in 2017!!

With this in mind, we are slightly behind where we would have liked to have been by this point. About 2 months to be exact, but having said that, we have enjoyed some great success in our first few months of business.  Not least because of the support of our Crowdfunders, old friends and some great new friends who have hearts of gold, you know who you are!!

So, as we enter the first part of 2017, what are we going to be doing? Brewing is an obvious one but not as simple as it might first sound.  We have 2 new spring beers to launch which means new designs for labels and pump clips have to be done. We will, again, work with 3pm Creative to develop these, we can’t thank Jay and Chris enough for the work they have done. Both beers will of course feature ‘Brewbacca’ our newly named monster.

We need to get the brewery build finished and a tap room built. The mud area outside needs to be turned into a beautiful lawn and all that’s left of the building materials need to disappear, so we look like a brewery and not a dumping site! And then we need to get seeds sown ready for hanging baskets, planters and general bedding areas.   By the end of Spring, our brewery should look amazing!

I really hope that you will join us on our journey into 2017, its people like you that are going to help us make a success of Wildcraft.  You can get involved in the following ways:

  • Volunteer to help for a day
  • Become one of our growers (in many cases we will provide the plants)
  • Become one of our foragers (and join us at special events)
  • Become one of our tasters (more details to follow, I imagine this one may be popular)

If you would like details on any of the above, please email me at office@wildcraftbrewery.co.uk or call on 07584 308850.

That’s it from us, we really hope that 2017 brings you all that you want, have a great one, we hope our drinks might be a part of it!!