When I first started brewing, friends I had had for years started laughing and asking me how I would cope without injury. A strange question you might think but with my accident prone history, the people around me knew that it would only be a matter of time before something hurt me.

So 2016 became not just an adventure, where I gave up teaching and moved into a job where I would be brewing, building, making and creating, but a learning curve where I encountered countless hazards that I had never imagined! Unfortunately, even when I was teaching, I was pretty prone to things that could injure me. ¬†Constant bruising at the point halfway between my knee and hip marked the height of the desks, while various head injuries showed the height of windows and projectors. More serious was the ‘smashed’ collar bone and various scars that accompanied various cycle rides into work but surely this meant I would be safer in a brewery?

INCORRECT! It turns out there are far sharper things at head height, far hotter things in pipes, far more things that can turn ankles and plenty of things that can fall on you (if you are trying to convert a barn)!

It turns out that all these things give amusement to Mark. Although his face when we were working late one night, when tiredness got the better of me and I turned the tap on the bolier the wrong way and engulfed my hand in boiling water did show genuine concern! The good thing is this… Our risk assessments really do show even the stupidest of mistakes, because I make them! Unfortunately, even things we think of and have in our RA’s mean nothing to me as I constantly manage to defy what is correct and reasonable in life and injure myself.

All I can say is thank goodness its me! If I was employing me, I would have found a way of showing me the door as soon as possible, to minimise our risk and telephone calls to 999. As it is, I have the recipes, and i’m not stupid, I never write the whole thing down, they are mine and noone else can recreate them. So as long as I don’t lose any memory in say, a head injury, we should be fine eh?